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Welcome to my gallery!
Here you can find some of my artworks starting from circa 2018 and up till the most recent ones. Updates frequently (as frequently as I can draw, anyway).

All my original characters are women or women-adjacent unless explicitly stated otherwise. If you're looking for Phototaxis of a Fighter content, please click here!

Art is uploaded in the "new ones first" order.

DISCLAIMER: If you saw these posted under another name - no you didn't. That's me. Yes you're free to try and contact that account to confirm, but don't bring it up publicly 'cause I'm ~moving~ for a reason.

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A ripperdoc visit. Glitch is an AI in a robot body built of cyberimplants (uses it/its mostly), and Kate (only hand visible here) is the ripper who built it said body. I have... interesting thoughts about sentient robots and mechanics they allow to stick their hands into them. Skye and Jane and a scene out of their story. Jane lost her plane and all her belongings with it, but lucklily, Skye knows how to shave with a knife and some soap flowers... Sagar, a character from 'Of Spirits and People', also yet unwritten fully. She's a sweet and diplomatic pacifist, an ambassador of her people. Until you touch her loved ones and then she's one of the most powerful spirit wielders in the world. Run. An unwritten story, a character without a name. But it's sci-fi x cyberpunk so maybe one day, one day. A random couple I just imagined lol T4T butch4butch lesbian couple of werewolves I created in sims4, Autumn and Frederica Frederica Autumn A bunch of kids from a suburban slavic town (the one with the shaved head and the one on skateboard are boys) Random merc girl is very confused about metaphors Margo enjoying her new skirt <3 Skye, a butch dyke and a protagonist of another unwritten story, same as Jane (pst there was only one bed) Alex, one of my first OCs who I named myself after. Plays football, softball, teaches chemistry and PE at the local school Jane, also a protagonist of an unwritten story, same as Skye. Haters to lovers intensifies.



Cyberpunk 2077 | Just two legends swapping jackets, nothing to cry about here. Cyberpunk 2077 | My (very lesbian) Valerie and a ressurected Johnny being smug about the very obvious aftermath of their respective girlfriends' attention. Cyberpunk 2077 | Val and Judy on their way to see Judy's grandparents. No one is fucking dying. Cyberpunk 2077 | The love language of killing for her. Cyberpunk 2077 | Lamenting about being unable to kiss our LI when we visit. Cyberpunk 2077 | Back when I still played Val with a katana.


Baldur's Gate 3 | First night at Avernus Baldur's Gate 3 | Vice promised that she'd touch and kiss Karlach all over as soon as she's able to, and she kept good on that promise. Baldur's Gate 3 | Samantha (Karlach's VA) said in an interview that Karlach's perfect ending would be owning a tavern, and I'm here to deliver. Here we can see Mol trying to convince her that she's tooootally big enough already to drink the strong adult stuff. Baldur's Gate 3 | Two barbarians who hadn't had a proper relationship in years try to flirt, accidentally make it into a competition 1/3 Baldur's Gate 3 | Two barbarians who hadn't had a proper relationship in years try to flirt, accidentally make it into a competition 2/3 Baldur's Gate 3 | Two barbarians who hadn't had a proper relationship in years try to flirt, accidentally make it into a competition 3/3 Baldur's Gate 3 | They went to Build-a-Bear! Baldur's Gate 3 | a faulty heart Baldur's Gate 3 | Vice is an urchin from the same city where Karlach fought through the streets, so... 1/2 Baldur's Gate 3 | Vice is an urchin from the same city where Karlach fought through the streets, so... 2/2


Dragon Age | I do think it was very sexy of Kinara to choose the same spec as her future wife. Tempests are the best. Dragon Age | Sera and Kinara are WIFEYS Dragon Age | So they definitely painted over that one mansion Varric gave them.


Mass Effect | Or am I just an AI who thinks that she's commander Shepard? Mass Effect | The medbay is constantly in chaos Mass Effect | And a lot of little blue children.



Moni and Retro from <a href=>Neo Automisia</a> by Inkbeanjo Fanart of <a href=>Ashface's Daughter</a> for the Spring Exchange 2023 on ComicFury Jahlena is a character that belongs to Marceline2174 and I am a huge fan.


The Owl House | Listen, the finale was perfect, but as far as fanart goes, I'd like to fix one thing... The Owl House | Every time when Amity stood up to her mother added a year to my lifespan. The Owl House | That one second in the last episode of S2.


SPOP | THE big damn kiss SPOP | Aaaagh. SPOP | Drawn before the actual missing scene was revealed. SPOP | In the end I wanna be standing at the beginning with you (c) SPOP | Them.


Sailor Moon | Drawn for Femslashex 2022 (part 1) Sailor Moon | Drawn for Femslashex 2022 (part 2) Sailor Moon | Inspired by Hotaru's part in that one audio drama Sailor Moon | Screenshot redraw Sailor Moon | They're just cute. Outfits inspired by a Sera Myu musical. Sailor Moon | Post-Marine Cathedral. Yay for realistic(-ish) injuries, give me the grit! Sailor Moon | What I imagine was the last thing trespassers saw back when Outers still guarded the system border. Sailor Moon | The gentle(wo)man, the liar.


Arcane | She looks good with a bloody nose, what can I say. Arcane | I just want my sister back. Arcane | Two sides, one coin. Arcane | I just think that after that much fighting Vi must be prone to sudden nosebleeds. I also think that's kinda hot. Arcane | Had to draw her in that shirt. Arcane | The rituals are intricate. Iykyk. Arcane | Ma'am are you single. Arcane | Isn't that how it went?


Wynonna Earp | Festive Wyn Wynonna Earp | WynHaught band AU. Wynonna Earp | In a world where Nicole was able to go on that rescue mission too. Wynonna Earp | Not exactly a fanart, but a portrait of Melanie Scrofano holding a well-deserved award Wynonna Earp | <a href=>Fanfic fanart</a> Wynonna Earp | One of the antagonists uses the word 'butch' as a slur against Nicole and therefore I am well within my right to make her a full on butch, thank you very much. Wynonna Earp | Reimagined Wynonna as a butch, just for funsies. Wynonna Earp | You are my sunshine... Wynonna Earp | I wanted more of their shenanigans! feat. mom mode Nicole Wynonna Earp | I did happen to ship Wynhaught instead of the canon Wayhaught, bite me Wynonna Earp | That one time I've kinda guessed that Waverly can sprout wings if you get her mad enough Wynonna Earp | Happy Birthday Wynonna! Wynonna Earp | POV: you're a demon and you're about to die Wynonna Earp | Nicole Haught, who absorbed the lives of all unfairly murdered TV lesbians ever and couldn't be killed despite being on a verge of death twice per season. Wynonna Earp | Nicole mentioned a She-Ra cosplay in that one episode and I was there to deliver. Wynonna Earp | Wynonna couldn't sleep alone. Nicole is about to sneeze. Wynonna Earp | Nicole s4 angst Wynonna Earp | Daddy is about to deal with it Wynonna Earp | The hardcore episode where Wynonna is stuck in a loop dying over and over in increasingly fucked up ways and no one wants to acknowledge that trauma ever Wynonna Earp | Betrayed by her own cat! Wynonna Earp | When she proposes to you and immediately goes missing Wynonna Earp | The woman ever


Life is Strange | That's how I personally see episode 5. Life is Strange | Lightly murdered Alex (c) Life is Strange | I tried to do an Inktober and this is the only drawing that was done.


Kill la Kill | Once again, a redraw of an old thing. Kinda bothered me that I obviously had some epic vision for it, but my skill was lacking. Kill la Kill | Whenever they are on the road together, it's THEIR jacket. Kill la Kill | Abilities sheet for my Life-Fiber Hunter post-canon AU. Kill la Kill | In my post-canon AU Ryuko hunts the remaining Life-Fibers using her... hereditary abilities. She didn't lose the attitude though. Kill la Kill | A redraw of an old (10 years?!) edgy pic I used to have as the main image on my roleplay Ryuko tumblr blog back in the day. She was a high school punk getting into fights left and right, is it that much of a stretch to say she smoked at one point. Don't think so. Kill la Kill | Wanted to draw Ryuko, didn't have any ideas, so a floating head portrait it is! Kill la Kill | Post-battle


Speed Racer | Have you seen the 2008 movie? That's LITERALLY how they met! (the wording is referencing a meme, I don't think Speed would use that word lol) A League Of Their Own | Hermanos Captain Marvel/Wandavision | The only thing I care for in the whole Marvel universe is the Danbeau family The Locked Tomb | Reflection The Last of Us 2 | That fight against Ellie was scary as fuck Attack on Titan | Source material be damned, these two were my first ever yuri ship and they are the blueprint the quakes of which are felt still.


A messy sketch about that one specific feeling when a band on stage plays the same song of theirs that you used to listen to 15 years ago Just musings


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