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All my original characters are women or women-adjacent unless explicitly stated otherwise. If you're looking for Phototaxis of a Fighter content, please click here!

Art will be uploaded in "new ones first" order.

DISCLAIMER: If you saw these posted under another name - no you didn't. That's me. Yes you're free to try and contact that account to confirm, but don't bring it up publicly 'cause I'm ~moving~ for a reason.

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Sagar, a character from 'Of Spirits and People', also yet unwritten fully. She's a sweet and diplomatic pacifist, an ambassador of her people. Until you touch her loved ones and then she's one of the most powerful spirit wielders in the world. Run. An unwritten story, a character without a name. But it's sci-fi x cyberpunk so maybe one day, one day. A random couple I just imagined lol T4T butch4butch lesbian couple of werewolves I created in sims4, Autumn and Frederica Frederica Autumn A bunch of kids from a suburban slavic town (the one with the shaved head and the one on skateboard are boys) Random merc girl is very confused about metaphors Margo enjoying her new skirt <3 Skye, a butch dyke and a protagonist of another unwritten story, same as Jane (pst there was only one bed) Alex, one of my first OCs who I named myself after. Plays football, softball, teaches chemistry and PE at the local school Jane, also a protagonist of an unwritten story, same as Skye. Haters to lovers intensifies.


Cyberpunk 2077 | My (very lesbian) Valerie and a ressurected Johnny being smug about the very obvious aftermath of their respective girlfriends' attention. Dragon Age | Sera and Kinara are WIFEYS Cyberpunk 2077 | Val and Judy on their way to see Judy's grandparents. No one is fucking dying.


Have you seen the 2008 movie? That's LITERALLY how they met! (the wording is referencing a meme, I don't think Speed would use that word lol) Sailor Moon | Drawn for Femslashex 2022 (part 1) Sailor Moon | Drawn for Femslashex 2022 (part 2)